The Wisdom of Leona Helmsley – More

What the "Queen of Mean" forgot was that little people can put you in jail. In 1989, Leona Helmsley received a four year sentence and served 21 months in prison for mail fraud and tax evasion. The judge ordered her prison sentence to start on April 15 — Tax Day! In her will, she left $12 million to her dog, while disinheriting two of her grandchildren "for reasons that are known to them."

As a requirement to obtain a casino license, Trump revealed that he paid zero federal income tax in 1978 and 1979 (the last two years that Trump has ever publicly released his federal income tax.) Trump actually showed negative income arising from losses from the operation of his various properties, which can include depreciation, a non-cash expense that can shield other income from being taxed. The New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement verified Trump's income, losses and deductions.