Taxes are Murder – More

Trump has denounced corporations for using loopholes and “false deductions to get away with murder.” Last year he did say on CBS, “They make a fortune. They pay no tax. It’s ridiculous, okay?”

Eric Trump said his father’s returns -- a stack of documents “five feet tall” -- would reveal little.

Donald Trump said his stack was only two or three feet high.

Heads - Romney doesn't release taxes and loses
In January 2012, Trump said that Romney "was hurt really very badly" by his initial refusal to release his tax returns. He advised Romney to "release them now."

Romney released his 2010 return and a summary of his 2011 return later that month. After Romney released his full 2011 tax return in September, Trump praised Romney for releasing his returns and said they were “very honorably done.”

On 7/28/16, Trump reversed himself and said that Romney might have lost the election by releasing his tax returns. Although "Mitt Romney did nothing wrong", the Democrats exploited a "couple of little sentences".

Tails - Romney releases taxes and Obama wins (Maybe the real problem wasn't releasing the taxes, but being too successful in paying as little tax as possible.)