T. Rump’s Advance to the Rear

Patriotism is more than a Big Flag

Donny the Dandy was very "lucky". His medical deferment from Vietnam for "bone spurs" may have saved his life or limb, but what about the life or limb of the unlucky man who replaced him.

You can't buy bravery at Brioni. (For a man who brags about the size of his cojones, his seemed to have been missing-in-action when the time came to answer his country's call.)

In Donny's defense, he does wear an American Flag on his Brioni suit jackets. And while the size of his cojones may be debatable, few fly bigger flags. Asked a "gotcha question" by Stephen Colbert about the meaning of the 13 stripes on the flag, Donny replied, "I'm a delegator". When elected, I will "find great people" who are experts on these matters.