Bone Spurs May Only Be in Remission – More

What's not in remission is Trump's chutzpah.

At the Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan, whose son was killed in action by a suicide car bomb, told Trump, “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

In 2012, Trump had a fundraiser for Mitt Romney. "It was raining, and really raining. And because everybody's shoes were so wet, I ruined my carpet. This carpet was wiped out. And nobody thanked me for the carpet."

In his book, "Never Enough", biographer Michael D'Antonio writes that every morning Trump reviews a report of his media coverage from the previous day. The heavier the report, the better.

When asked what his tax rate is, Trump replied: "It's none of your business. But I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible."

The Washington Post asked 250 charities with some ties to Trump for information on personal donations from Trump. Between 1/1/09 and 5/23/16 — when Trump finally made good on a pledge to give $1 million to a veterans' group — its search has identified just one personal gift from Trump's own pocket in 2009 for less than $10,000 and that donation may really be from his Foundation. (2008 is the last time Trump gave to his foundation.)