B-Movies for a C Actor

Simple Solutions often turn out to be Simple-Minded

Before T-Rump starred as the Clown Prince in his TV reality show, "Celebrity Clown", he had auditioned for a number of movies, including the title roles in "The Hair Wolf of Wall Street" and "An American Hair Wolf in Mexico City". T. Rump considered himself a natural for the parts, having been a huge hair ball his whole life.

New York Hair Wolf

T. Rump also auditioned for the role of Supercilious Man in the movie "Ratman v. Supercilious Man, Twilight of Civility". Instead he was offered the role of Ratman, which he considered insulting. T. Rump was offered the starring role in "Shallow Hal", but dropped out at the last minute when the producers refused to change its title to "Shallow Don", leaving the producers bemused about how such a shallow man could be so deeply flawed.

T. Rump also auditioned for the gender bending role of Prima Donny in the Soap Opera "Diva", but didn't get the part because the casting director said T. Rump was tone deaf.

The animated movie "African Safari" offered him the part of the off-color peacock, but T. Rump withdrew because of the personal implications. (Besides, he wasn't interested if he couldn't be the king of the jungle.)

T. Rump recently auditioned for the biopic "Joe McCarthy, 60 years ahead of his time", but was told he was better suited for the sequel, "Joe McCarthy Heir".