Message for True Republicans

Donald Trump is a RhINO (Republican In Name Only).

"This is a guy who was pro-choice before he was pro-life. This is a guy who was liberal before he was conservative. This is a guy who was a Democrat before he was a Republican before he was a Democrat before he was an independent before he was a Republican again.”

Rand Paul, Republican Senator from Kentucky

Donald Trump supported the same stimulus, “what we need”, the same auto bailouts, “the government should stand behind [the auto companies] 100 percent”, and the same bank bailouts, “something that has to get done”, as Barack Obama. "When conservatives desperately needed allies in the fight against big government, Donald Trump didn’t stand on the sidelines. He consistently advocated that your money be spent, that your government grow, and that your Constitution be ignored."

Glenn Beck, radio host and best-selling author.

George Will, conservative commentator and columnist, who worked on President Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign, said that Trump as president with "no opposition" from a Republican-led Congress would be worse than Clinton as president with a Republican-led Congress. "Make sure Trump loses. Grit your teeth for four years and win the White House."

If conservatives are right, 4 years of Hillary (if she isn't impeached first) should result in a electoral tsunami that sweeps the Democrats out of the Presidency and Congress for a generation.

The best way to make sure the RhINO/populist/demagogue doesn't win, is to vote for Hillary Clinton. But if you can't bring yourself to do that, don't vote for either one or write-in Ronald Reagan as a protest vote.