We want all the information on this website to be accurate. If you find a material error (1), please email it to us and if we agree it is indeed a material error, we will correct it and pay you $20 via PayPal. (Only one $20 payment per page to the first submitter. Total payout will be capped at a maximum payout of $200, or the first 10 material errors reported.) If we don't agree with you, but we think your submission might be of interest to my readers, we will include your submission in an Errata page, along with our response. Winning submissions will also be included in the Errata page.  (Even if Donald Trump's fortune is as great as he brags, it wouldn't last long if he offered the same terms for his pontifications.)

To make excerpts more clear, we will often condense them by rearranging word order and adding or subtracting words. Sometimes, we will substitute the name in place of its pronoun. We do not consider this type of editing an error unless the condensed quote gives a different meaning than the original author intended.

We don't pretend to be objective or balanced. We have a point of view and we seek out information that supports that point of view. (Although we try not to mislead the reader or to take things out of context.) Sometimes a person will make conflicting statements or change a position. Unless the speaker obviously misspoke (and quickly corrects himself or herself) we believe that any statement is fair game because it shows the speaker's state of mind at the time. (And it might be what the speaker truly believes if he or she has any core beliefs at all.) For that reason, we make little effort to see if someone had a last minute change of heart precipitated by some new poll or focus group finding. Take the cartoon "Your Lying Ayes - More".

In that cartoon, we did search for an update on Trump's first lawsuit that estimated the golf course to only be worth the "crazy low" value of $1.4 million. To us that bordered on the unbelievable so we continued investigating and found Trump later revised his estimate to $9 million. Although in this case, we continued our investigation, we aren't always so diligent. We do think the "crazy low" estimate tells us something about Trump. After finding his revised estimate, we don't feel the need to keep checking for updates.

All the sources cited herein are considered reputable, although we have done no independent fact checking of them. Readers would benefit from reading all of the articles cited here and doing their own independent research.

We do not have first hand knowledge of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. None of us have ever met them. This website does not contain any original research on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Everything we think we know about them comes from public information available in the media, especially on the Internet.

(1) Material Error

By definition, there are no material errors in the first page of a cartoon. You may find the cartoons lame, but they are not meant to be taken seriously. (Which just happens to be the same way we feel about Donald Trump.) The "More" page of a cartoon often cites sources, and is eligible for the $20 reward for material errors.

We do not consider typos or grammatical errors to be material.

We do not consider dates to be material (unless they are important to the point being made) because the source sometimes does not specify an exact date.

A difference of opinion is not considered material.

If we cite a source fairly, but facts in the source material are wrong we will correct them and pay you $10 via PayPal. If opinions or positions in the source material have been superseded by later ones, you are welcome to point them out to us, but you will earn nothing but our thanks.