Donny T. Rump, the man

Donny T. Rump is a fictional, cartoon-like character and bears no intentional likeness whatsoever to anyone who might like to sue us for libel. (No, Donny Osmond, T. Rump is not about you.)

Donny's last name, T. Rump, is the same as the tailless cousin of T. Rex. The name Tyrannosaurus Rex comes from the Greek words meaning “tyrant” and “lizard” and the Latin word for “king.” (Some speculate that the T. Rump dropped its tail so many times when fleeing from fights with other dinosaurs, that it eventually didn't grow back.) Like T. Rex, T. Rump has small hands.

T. Rumps often gnaw off their tails to escape tax collectors, local draft boards, or angry husbands.

Donny T. Rump is a rich egomaniac who is running for President of the United States. He's a unlovable rogue whose crassness and boorishness are explained away as a show of contempt for political correctness. T. Rump loves the limelight almost as much as he loves himself and he will say and do almost anything to become President. His best days are behind him and he is utterly unqualified to be President so he knows he can only win by appealing to the worst angels of human nature. Fortunately for T. Rump, he is intimately familiar with those worst angels, having kept their company from an early age.

Eight years earlier, there had been a financial crisis and although unemployment has dropped in half and the stock market is near all-time highs, recovery has been slow for certain groups, who are understandably angry with their government. T. Rump decided to position himself as the champion of these disenfranchised groups. With no real, workable ideas on how to help them, T. Rump chose instead to use the age-old tactic of blaming outsiders, in this case non-voting illegal aliens and electorally unimportant Muslims.

A bully by nature, T. Rump took to the campaign trail and reveled, indeed excelled, in the bright lights, name-calling, backstabbing, bogus promises, and twitter drive-by insults.

This website is a compilation of snapshots from T. Rump's life, revealing how his past has made him the Presumptive Republican nominee for President. Hopefully, the snapshots also shed some light on T. Rump's character and whether T. Rump can really fill those Presidential shoes. (One rival candidate accused T. Rump of having small hands and T. Rump responded that there was nothing small about his cojones, but nothing yet on foot size.)

Additional snapshots will be added, with the last one on Nov 8, when the readers will learn whether T. Rump has managed to bamboozle enough of the American people to become the 45th President.