Donny T. Rump, the Website

Although our Donny T. Rump character is purely fictional, the overall story itself is akin to historical fiction, which often incorporates real people and real events. We included a "More" button in some of the snapshots to flesh out and give color and depth to our story.

Most of the additional material is excerpts and links of contemporaneous and historical news accounts that we believe are reliable.

We do not condone the rough and crude language that T. Rump sometimes uses in his snapshots. Or his attitudes, behavior, ideas, or messages. But all are part and parcel of T. Rump and are needed to provide a complete picture.

The pointed hat with mask and the initials KKK as used here do not represent any organization and are merely used as short-hand symbols for the authoritarianism, racism, and bigotry that T. Rump embodies and encourages.