Bone Spurs May Only Be in Remission

Patriotism is more than a Big Flag

Donny the Dandy wants to be your Commander in Chief.
But can America risk Donny getting another bone spur that would render him unfit for service?

When asked what sacrifices he has made, T. Rump replied, "While many understandably envy my plane, helicopter, 3-story New York penthouse, and ocean-side Florida estate, I have sacrificed a lot to become the Republican nominee for President. Besides my reputation, dignity, and self-respect, which I lost long before I became the premier birther, my attacks on Obama's legitimacy, Hispanics, Muslims, science, Ed Ward's father, etc. have taken a toll. Among my many sacrifices, I count

One ruined carpet
A higher golf handicap from less time playing and more time tweeting
Less time to read my fawning news clippings

(I wish I could include my many taxes paid and numerous charitable contributions, but my lawyers advised against it.)