About Us

This website aspires to entertain, inform, and hopefully, change minds.

Every four years we, the people of this great land, elect a new President to chart a new 4 year course. We are now nearing the end of this process and we believe this election will be pivotal in determining who we are as a country and our role in the world, and who we are as a people and how we treat one another. Many pressing problems await the new President, including spreading economic prosperity, improving health care, limiting nuclear proliferation, tackling climate change, fighting terrorism, and managing free and fair international trade.

Although many think the choice this November is between hanging and poison, we believe that although both candidates are flawed, only one is fatally flawed. Not wanting to take sides in this preface, we will only add that "he" may in fact be the most unqualified and unfit major party presidential candidate in the history of the world. But we prefer to let the cartoons speak for themselves. If they speak to you, please consider making a donation to the "Never Ever Tee Rump" Super Pac so that more may see them. The election may be close and it is our modest hope that this website might give pause to some who are tempted to pin their hopes (and futures) on the devil they don't know.