Buried Treasure

We hope you enjoy browsing this website. In the upper right hand corner is a list of the major sections of this website that undoubtedly contain buried material errors that you can convert into cash. We will pay your Paypal account $20 for every material error that you find according to the terms and conditions of the "Errata”, found in the top right corner. (Our total payout will be capped at a maximum payout of $200, or the first 10 material errors reported.) But the real payoff will be the satisfaction that comes from being acknowledged in the “Errata” section of the DonnyTeeRump website as one who corrected the insufferable know-it-all DonnyTeeRump and gave him his well-deserved comeuppance. A good place to look for material errors is in the section "More Story Cartoons". Click on "More Story Cartoons", then click on one of the "Cartoon Categories", and then click on one of the "Cartoons". Most cartoons will have a "More" button. Click on the "More" button and start looking for errors. Another good place to look for errors is in the "Donald Trump" section. Good luck and happy treasure hunting to all.

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